Artists' Open House Weekend-Studio Tours in Susquehanna County PA

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Charles Welles is a sculptor who primarily carves marble. His work will be on exhibit at the Springville Schoolhouse Art Studios in Springville, which is a former schoolhouse which he, with painter James Penedos, is developing into live/work studios for artists. He has been carving for approximately thirty years. His work includes figurative, abstract and conceptual work. Welles works in a medium – marble carving – that is part of an ancient tradition going back to the Greeks and continuing through Michelangelo during the Renaissance. Though he is often assisted today with modern tools, such as pneumatic or air hammers and diamond saws, the carving techniques remain largely the same. He has recently completed fourteen marble reliefs, constituting his version of the ‘Stations of the Cross’, which will be on exhibit at the Schoolhouse.

Welles has been affiliated with the AFA Gallery in Scranton, PA, since its founding in 1989. He has also been active at the Carving Studio in West Rutland, Vermont; the MARBLE/marble workshops in Marble, Colorado; and the Southwest Stonecarving Workshop in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. You can visit his website at You can visit his website at


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