Artists' Open House Weekend-Studio Tours in Susquehanna County PA

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Joe Welden - Many years ago, living in Philadelphia I became interested in modern art as there were many galleries and museums there to frequent. I also had some formal instruction for a very short time at the Print Club. After I retired from postal work I started to renew my interest in painting and drawing. Having been a part time musician, I tend to use subject matter that is related to Jazz music and its environments, although I do not use music themes in my work entirely. I like to work in acrylics, inks and various textures to achieve a certain kind of personal result. I have very much to learn and am grateful that I am able to do art at this time in life. I find it a very positive, healthful and entertaining avocation.

Joe Welden will be at Location #2, which has changed place this year to 197 Ridge St. in Montrose.








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