Artists' Open House Weekend-Studio Tours in Susquehanna County PA

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Linda Truman is a founding member of the Artists’ Open House Weekend. She starting painting wildlife as a way to record and remember particular features and nuances she observed while viewing her natural surroundings. Her pastels and watercolors have received many awards, most recently the “Wine and Chocolate Award” and the “People’s Choice Award” at the regional Focus show in May. Choosing to focus in on small landscapes, she draws the viewer into small pockets of the natural world while authentically documenting the life that exists there. Painting birds and their behavior is a favorite subject. New work features mandalas which include images from a particular habitat while providing a meditative experience to the viewer. After thirty-six years of teaching special education, Linda is looking forward to traveling to different parts of our country to record the variety of wildlife found in other habitats.

Bob Truman has been a carpenter for forty-three years. Recently, he has moved from fine cabinetry and finish carpentry to making furniture. His interest in using a variety of stones in combination with different woods has sparked his creative juices to make tables that showcase how these different materials work together. Stones such as pineapple onyx, red onyx, rainforest marble, and cut river stone, combined with woods such as cherry, curly maple and ash provide endless possibilities. Clean lines and simple elegance enhance the natural beauty of the materials used. Accent tables, hall tables and desk tables will be on display. Bob won the “Best Woodworking” award in the regional Focus show in 2015.

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