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Archie Johnson & Ruth Cohen

Not participating in 2018 tour

The soft and pliable qualities of clay inspire touch. And for many, it fosters a need to transform a moist lump of earth into a work of art. So began our early years. Decades later still mesmerized by this medium, we began exploring its endless possibilities at Pratt Institute in NYC.

Gleaning insights from ancient and current masters, and eastern and western cultures, we create functional and decorative ware, as well as sculptural works. We’ve learned that finding a voice with clay is a never ending process. Today’s organic forms are subtly different from those made in prior years and the vision for tomorrow’s will gradually unfold.

Wood-firing to about 2400 degrees heightens pottery’s appeal. The unpredictable and whimsical flame transforms pieces producing understated as well as dramatic nuances of color, patterns, ash and texture. Function and beauty are evermore intertwined.

Proudly we quote Cecil Baugh, a Jamaican potter: I am a maker of pots, not of speeches…When I look at my hands, I see a potter's hands...I think of the verse by Omar Khayyam, from his Rubayat, which begins: “The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on..." I thank God for the opportunity to have been able to write with these fingers in clay, and to know that when I have moved on, some of what I have written, not in words, but in texture and colour and in the form of my pots, will remain, hopefully for many generations.

Our studio is located at 1002 Bow Bridge Road in Little Meadows, PA, just one mile east of State Route 858. A large stone bearing our insignia is on our side of the road. We can be contacted at (570)623-3335 and At your leisure, we hope you will peruse our website, and find us on facebook.





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