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Kathryn LeSoine

Not participating in 2018 tour

I think this series of images from my gardens actually began on a weekend we visited friends in Massachusetts in January. Gracing the walls of our guest room were several of Rodrica Tilley's sumptuous flowers. Her sensual free colors and textures make flowers more than just pretty.

Winter is the time I set pieces into motion. What to print? What to sink my creative teeth into? It's usually early mornings that I sift thru images with a cup of tea in front of the fire and review the year before. As I looked through garden images, I kept thinking of Rodrica's watercolors and what an impact their beauty had on me. I was inspired to find a way to work with the world of flowers and creatures I have found in my gardens and find a way to say what it is I see and feel in them.

The process of creating an encaustic piece is not instant gratification. There is the time it takes to develop an image in photoshop from the many photos I have taken: what to add, textures to use, what to take out. Then there's the time it takes to make a good print of the final image on a cotton based paper. After that the I mount the print on a birch panel. Then the waxing can begin. It all starts with a few coats of beeswax and damar resin melted on a griddle about 190 degrees. In between each layer I fuse the wax. It takes time for the piece to cure. Over time and many polishings, the bloom leaves the wax and a lustrous finish adds another dimension to the image.




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