Artists' Open House Weekend-Studio Tours in Susquehanna County PA

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Nance' Brown

My art is the physical response to my world view, and has always threaded through my life. As the owner of a Florist Shop for many years, art was a professional endeavor. After retiring, I maintain a strong affection for flowers and landscape. Watercolor has been the medium through which I translate my thoughts and emotions to form with water and pigment.

Subject matter has now become as varied as human experience can be. I will move from blended opaque forms to painting with juicy strokes as the many moods and subjects command.

Additional study with well known AWS Artists has markedly moved me to more complex areas of abstraction as well as exploring varied techniques of paint application. Always learning, change becomes the code I live by.

Carving shapes on paper with water and colored pigments never ceases to thrill me. My goal is to share this excitement with my viewer.

Join me on this Artists Open House Tour to share these moments I hope to have captured in my studio in Brackney, PA.

If you cannot make the tour, please call me to arrange a special appointment at 570 663-2436 or e-mail at




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