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Application Process for Artists

The Artists' Open House Weekend is an opportunity for professional artists to share their work and process with the public.

Please note: December 31, 2018, postmark deadline. We reserve the right to turn down applications with a later postmark without reviewing them.

Criteria: artists must maintain a studio or home/studio within the boundaries of Susquehanna County and be actively engaged in creating works of original art or fine craft of professional quality.

Please prepare to send the following five items as a portfolio packet.

1. Minimum 8 - maximum 12 images of work completed in the last three years. Please note: a majority of declined applicants submitted images of poor quality. If you have not made professional quality images of your own work please consider hiring a professional photographer. We recommend Van Zandbergen Photography:

All digital files must be captured by a high resolution digital camera and saved as JPGs (JPEG file format) on a CD with the following size requirements: no smaller than 700 x 700 pixels and no larger than 1200 pixels in any direction. Please name the files as follows "LastName01". (For example: Smith17.) The numbers should correspond to a numbered image list (contents described below under "Descriptive Information") included as a printed hard copy. Please check to make sure that you can open the CD before mailing it.

Descriptive information should include all of the following:
a) title
b) dimensions of work pictured - Height" x Width" x Depth" (if applicable)
c) date the work was completed (year only)
d) medium (ceramic, for example).
e) if you include detail images, please note which image is a detail.

2. Resume: Include address, education, art related jobs, shows, gallery representation, professional organizations or societies you belong to, etc.

3. Artist's statement: In a brief narrative, tell us about your art, why you make it, what it means to you... you do not have to be profound just personal.

4. Please submit one paragraph about why you want to be included as an artist on the Artist Open House Weekend and what you can offer.

5. (Optional) Self Addressed Stamped Envelope: if you would like application materials returned to you please include a SASE.

If your application is accepted by the selections committee, you will be required to pay a membership fee, obtain sponsorship for the brochure, serve on a committee, open your studio 10-6 for the three days of the weekend including putting up signs to show patrons where you are. You will be asked to sign a contract to this effect.

Some common reasons why applications have been declined:

1. Poor image quality. When work is being judged solely on the basis of images, they must be of professional quality to accurately portray the subject.

2. Outside Susquehanna County. The tour is already sprawling - we do not wish to expand geographically. We believe there is enough support for similar tours or other venues in other counties.

3. Work is largely reproductions. Reproductions, even when well crafted, do not have the original voice we require for this venue.

4. Work does not compliment work already on tour. We do not want to disproportionately represent any one medium or genre.

If your studio locale is near the border of the county, you may be asked to give us a map with your exact location pinpointed.

We accept joint applications for couples who would show at the same location pending their acceptance.

Further instructions or questions will be handled by a member of the submissions committee by email at either one of these two addresses: and

Postmark deadline December 31, 2018.

Mail all materials to:
Tour Application
P.O. Box 235
Montrose, PA 18801


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